Gunpod/Xcelencia | Dual-X Disposable Nicotine Vape | 1400 Puff


1400 puff 5% nicotine disposable vaporiser – 2 flavour in one vape.

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Gunpod/Xcelencia disposable nicotine vapes are a must have for any determined vaper!

With the ability to switch between two different flavours in one vape says it all.

Made from a high grade metal (notably aluminium) the flavours contained within are preserved to an exceptional standard.

Each Gunpod/Xcelencia Dual-X vape contains 1400+ puffs in each vape.

The vape is ready to go with no messing around required by the user. Fully charged from opening the packet.

Unlike other disposable nicotine vapes around the market, the gunpod Dual-X is revolutionary in the fact that there are two flavours in the one vape.


1400+ Puffs per device

2 x flavours per vape

Ergonomic and premium build

Easy to use

Delicious flavour range

5% Nicotine

Included in the pack: 

1 x Xcelencia disposable nicotine 1400 puff Dual-X vaporiser with two flavours per vape

Bulk discounts available

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Blueberry Ice/Peach Ice Cream, Blueberry Jazz/Ice Orange Cola, Bubble Gum/Cola Ice, Cola Ice/Passion Fruit, Mango/Lychee, Passion Fruit/Grape, Peach Ice/Grape, Peach Oolong Tea/Grape, Pineapple Ice/Watermelon, Summer Berry/Passion Fruit

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